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For the past (29) years, Danang, a Vietnam Veteran Family Business, has provided 1000’s of POW, MIA, AND KIA bracelets to the Military, Veterans, and the public, while engaging in Advocacy so that Our Finest Will Never Be Forgotten.

I first became Active in the late 1980’s through a friendship with a Senior USAF Instructor at the intelligence school at Ft Devens who related how he had monitored Radio transmissions in Laos related to POW’s well after the War. Later, Danang became affiliated with THE LAST FIREBASE at the WALL in Washington, DC. becoming their sole source supplier for many years.

In 1990, I returned to Vietnam for the first time since my I Corps Tour with the Marines in 1965-1966. While there, I acquired information regarding Live American MIA’s living in the Ban Me Thuot area in non-captive situations. Upon return. I passed these reports to DPMO which ultimately displayed little interest and did not follow up.

During this same timeframe, I became a Member of TEAM BRAVO, with (2) other Vietnam Vets, pursuing resolutions to the Cases of (32) POW-MIA’s lost and left behind during the Battles at KHAM DUC and NGOK TAVAK, 10-12 MAY 1968. What followed, led by a Survivor of the Marine Artillery Unit at the FOB, was several years of research and Advocacy culminating in acquiring the support of Vietnam Veterans of America and ultimately that of the U.S. Govt (DPMO) which changed the Case from a “Pending” category to that of an Active Pursuit Case.

In May of 1994, the 3-man Team Bravo, with the approval of the Vietnamese Government, returned to the Battle sites along the Laotian Border, west of Danang. What we found was a nearly pristine battlefield littered with undetonated ordnance which contradicted many accounts and suppositions, advanced by earlier contacts within DPMO. Fortunately, we were able to get the Hanoi Associated Press (AP)Bureau Chief, the legendary George Esper and photographer Lois Raimondo, to accompany us, resulting in a World-Wide AP cover story through the wire services.


This was the catalyst of renewed reviews and excavations of the NGOK TAVAK battlefield in later years resulting in the recovery, return, identification, and burial of (11) Marines who WERE NOT FORGOTTEM.

I returned to Vietnam again in 1995 and later in 2002. Time and Agent Orange have not favored this Old Vet and another Trip is very much in doubt.

Many lessons were learned – foremost, was that persistence, advocacy, and activism can produce results. We learned that challenging our own Gov’t bureaucracy was imperative as they were not always forthright.

Today, our efforts continue in pursuit of an Accounting of those MIA’s – the finest of our generation. We currently have (7) FOIA’s filed on specific cases with the OSD.

We’ve included LINKS for those interested in researching specific Case Summaries and obtaining related De-Classified reports and documents. Let’s Bring Them Home.

Thanks for Your Interest.


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